I graduated from UC Berkeley (UCB) in May 2021 with a B.A. in Physics and Astrophysics. I transferred to UCB in 2018 after attending various community colleges within San Diego County and the Bay Area. After being accepted to UC Berkeley via waitlist, I quickly joined the student-led research lab on campus “ULAB” as a mentor for underclassmen. Because I had already worked on small astrometry projects under the direction of Dr. Philip Blanco and the Boyce Astro Group, I was able to bring that experience with me as a mentor to first-year students.

By my second year, I had found a research assistant position at the Space Sciences Laboratory on campus as a work-study student assistant on the FOXSI-4 solar sounding rocket. And by my final year, I had joined the NASA Drive Center, COFFIES, as well.

In addition to my research interests, my time at UCB ignited a passion for equitable access to research opportunities. At many universities, recruiters for undergraduate research positions often favor students with skills and experience that are not usually accessible to students from underprivileged and nontraditional backgrounds. This dynamic leads to a less and less diverse pool of applicants for research positions, both in terms of economic class and race. I hope to help encourage untraditional students not to be intimidated and to pursue their interests in STEM topics.

After graduating, I continued my work on FOXSI at SSL and auxiliary projects, joining the lab as a full-time employee. My projects and affiliations currently include FOXSI-4, COFFIES, PADRE, and investigations into sunquakes. Currently, I work as an assistant specialist at SSL.

Outside of science, I spend my free time volunteering with local rescues to TNR (trap-neuter-return), foster, and facilitate the adoption of rescued cats and kittens. If you are ever interested in adopting, fostering, or learning more about the rescue, click here.