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UC Berkeley Physics 290B Seminar 10/25/2022: “Local Helioseismology and Investigations in Submerged Sources”

TESS 2022 Meeting: “‘Transient Acoustic Emission from a Source Submerged Beneath Solar Flare’”

SPHERE (Solar Physics High Energy Research) Workshop 2022, Boulder, Colorado: “Submerged Acoustic Sources: The SOL20140207T10:28 Study Case”


Small Sats for Space Weather Research and Forecasting Workshop (SSWRFII 2022): “Quad Timepix2 and 3 Detector Development and Applications”

TESS 2022 Meeting: “The Quad-Timepix/Timepix3 Detector: A novel solution for coming solar high energy space experiments”

Solar Orbiter School 2022, Sète, France : “Investigations in Submerged Acoustic Sources “

AGU#21 Meeting: “Quad-Timepix/Timepix3 Detector Development for Solar Physics”

AGU#21 Meeting: “The FOXSI-4 Sounding Rocket: High Resolution Focused X-ray Observations of the Sun”

AGU#21 Meeting: “Resurrecting the Advancing Space Sciences through Undergraduate Research Experience (ASSURE) Program in the Middle of a Pandemic”

AGU#21 Meeting: “Pandemic Programming for an REU: Developing a Virtual Bootcamp and Professional Development Series for the Advancing Space Sciences through Undergraduate Research Experiences (ASSURE) Program”

238th AAS Meeting “High Resolution FOXSI: The Development of FOXSI-4”

236th AAS Meeting : “Building a Framework for Inclusive Undergraduate Research”

AGU#20 Meeting : “Timepix3 Chip: Calibration Procedure and Results”