Timepix3 on PADRE

Solar PolArization and Directivity X-Ray Experiment or PADRE is an upcoming mission in joint with Solar Orbiter which will observe the sun in hard X-ray. The PI is Dr. Juan Carlos Martinez Oliveros.

Two experiments ride on the low-earth-orbit 12U Cubesat, SHARP, and MeDDEA. They are to make a determination of the angular distribution of flare-accelerated electrons. Coordinated observations with Solar Orbiter/STIX allow for the opportunity to make stereoscopic X-ray observations and, for the first time, measure the electron anisotropy of individual flares confidently.

SHARP Instrument


6 Quad Timepix3 detectors will be positioned on PADRE's SHARP (Solar HARd X-ray Polarimeter experiment. They will be tiled about a beryllium scatter rod. For this project I am the lead for the calibration and integration, and work with Dr. Anton Tremsin who leads the ASIC development. I also assist in the development of the HVPS for the suite.