Consequences of Fields and Flows in the Interior and Exterior of the Sun

COFFIES is a NASA-funded Heliophysics Phase I Drive Science Center (DSC) working to establish a multi-institution collaboration to develop the most reliable data-driven physical model of solar activity possible. I am a member of the Helioseismology, REU, CET, and DEIA Teams.

As a member of the CET and DEIA teams, I contribute to making the center a more fair and equitable organization for all members of COFFIES and the broader solar physics community. The CET (Center Effectiveness Team), led by "baristas" Dr. Shea H. Webber and Dr. Lisa Upton, is tasked with keeping the center running by advising executive leadership, directing science teams toward broader organizational goals, and providing overall structural support to the organization. As a member of the CET team, I plan the outreach events, such as the "Coffees with COFFIES," a short seminar held in tandem with conferences pertinent to the community, and I assist as a webmaster for the organization's site. I also contribute to the DEIA team, led by Dr. Bryan Mendez, where I strive to bring concepts that focus on diversity and accessibility to the conversation when planning educational opportunities and public outreach.

Additionally, I assist in creating REUs (Research Opportunities for Undergraduates) that aim to bridge both COFFIES and Space Sciences Laboratory affiliated scientists. I plan to run the COFFIES REU in the summer of 2023 (see more here). Finally, I encourage anyone interested in solar physics to check out the center, starting with our newsletter: here.